55 year old Ruben Jensen is taking a bath in his kitchen sink. He lives alone in a tiny flat in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. He has  isolated himself completely from the outside world. ”I’m lonely, but I don’t feel lonely,” he says.

”I don't have a sense of time anymore. Sometimes I don’t even know which day it is, or which month” says Ruben Jensen. He is addicted to playing video games on his game consoles. Other than that, he only reads fantasy books.

Ruben Jensen is changing clothes. Almost ten years ago he fell ill with a  depression. The police had to break down his door to get him hospitalised.   

Ruben Jensen grew up with an alcoholic dad. ”I’ve had all the beatings that you could imagine. I got beaten up, if I didn’t get up on time in the morning,” says Ruben.

At Night the only light in the street comes from Ruben Jensens apartment. There is no shower in his flat and he rarely leaves, except to get groceries. 

It’s dark outside, but Ruben Jensen is awake. Playing video games and drinking coffee. He claims that his addiction to video games is one of the reasons, he no longer has as social life. He says that with his lifestyle, he just can’t grasp a social life.

Ruben Jensen has placed figures of the characters from the gaming universe all around the flat. They have been achieved when buying the games. He has approximately 400 video games and 8 different gaming consoles.  

It’s early morning and Ruben Jensen has just gone to bed. ”I don’t think I'm a bad person now,” he says. ”There are some days where I think; I wish my life was different. But all those thoughts dissapear as soon as I turn on my game station.”

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