Layouts and various publications. All photos by me.
Film director Thomas Vinterberg for Berlingske MS

Portrait of Eddie Redmayne on the cover of this biography

Cover story about E-sport photographed in Katowice, Poland for magazine Journalisten

Author Jussi Adler-Olsen for Berlingske Books Magazine and Morten Wied for BT Sunday Magazine
Portraits of Ole Yde and reportage from his show at Paris Fashion Week for Berlingske MS 
Reportage from Athens, Greece about the countrys debt crisis for Berlingske
Photographed a whole theme issue of Berlingske Sunday Magazine

Mads Holger in EUROMAN

Various portraits for Berlingske MS
Actor Ditte Hansen and author Jens Blendstrup. Various spreads for Berlingske Saturday Magazine
Chris Pedersen for Berlingske MS
Poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen for FRI Magazine
Magnus Ranstorp and Waseem Hussain for Berlingske
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