Reportage from Reality Awards 2016, where danish reality-tv celebrates themselves.

Champagne bottles and gallons of beers has already been drunk, before the reality-stars even has arrived at the award ceremony. There's dancing and even more alcohol in the party bus from the pre-party to the award show.

'Mom Jette' from the realityshow 'Me and My Mother' is arriving at the Reality Awards. In one of her reality programs she got a tattoo of a pink cupcake together with her daughter. 

Whispering in the party bus

On stage the host is fighting for the crowds attention, they though seem more interested in the alcoholic beverages on the tables in front of them. This is Noam and Daniel from the reality program 'The Robinson Expedition' going out for a cigarette break in the middle of the show.

The stage

The audience

The award show comes to and end, and the audience keeps on drinking beneath multiples disco balls. This isn't where the party continues though. Most of the audience and the reality stars rushes out to get to the nearest nightclub.  

The official afterparty is held at the tiny night club Billy Booze. Here the biggest celebrities of danish reality tv parties, dances and fights for the photographers attention. 

During the night some of the reality-tv stars gets into a fight. The police shows up, and ends the party, for the persons involved in the scuffle. 

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