Two sixteen years old teen pop stars, known from Danish X-Factor, on their release day of their first EP, going number 1 on the Danish album chart immediately. 

Anthon Edwards and Thor Farlov in the backseat of a cab, on their way to play their new songs live for the first time. 

A group of young girls located Citybois backstage window at the venue. This is Anthon from Citybois slowly showing his face in the window, resulting in loud screams from the girls outside. 

Citybois warming up their voices in the backstage bathroom.

Anthon Edwards during the last soundcheck before showtime

Anxiety from Thor 10 minutes before Cityboys enters the stage in Tivolis Concert Hall

Loud screams and cellphones at the Citybois concert

Running towards the stage. 

Thor of Citybois wearing a t-shirt with a picture of the other half of the duo, Anthon, after the show.

Hundreds of girls waited in line after the Citybois show, to get an autograph and if possible a selfie with the two teen pop stars

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